level 27 is a stylish space located on the 27th floor in the heart of Warsaw. The unique view of the whole city makes sunrises and sunsets stay on your mind for a long time.

That’s why our advertising slogan is „Higher level of clubbing” which makes our events full of unforgettable experience.

Our club is made up of 3 zones: the inside zone is about 355 m2, the terrace with a panoramic view of Warsaw is about 450 m2 and the third zone is a covered terrace of around 140 m2. The club space was designed in a modern style: the nobble copper colour, Edison bulbs, natural fresh moss and 200 000 euro cent coins give the whole interior a unique flavour.

Spend some special moments on the rootfop and feel the party vibe on the highest level.


Jerozolimskie 123a St. Millennium Plaza tower, floor 27 02-017 Warsaw, Poland